Working at “Marine Mammal”

First of all, I’m one hell of a lazy person.¬†Everybody who knows me knows that. But because everyone needs money to live – unfortunately that includes me – I have to work to earn money. I know, you guys might say “What the hell? Everyone knows that! Of course you gotta work!” AGAIN, I’m one lazy piece of humanity that would rather be a bum than a respected (cough) member of the society.

I’ve worked different jobs. I wouldn’t tell the story of each and every one of them. Later when I would want to vent then I will. But for now I’ll just make a quick rundown of things.

First one was in a call center as (mainly) a technical support representative and customer service rep. Next was a part time employee in a very small scale travel agency. And when I mean very small, it is very small. They barely had any clients. Then back to the BPO industry as a sales representative. Then finally, we go to my current (soon to be past) job. I coded the company as “Marine Mammal” to give them enough privacy, though I know it’s not much.

The company is a manning agency for seafarers. I’m one of the Documentations Assistant. My job centers on the preparation, processing and filing of documents and contracts of the seafarers. Sounds easy? Maybe. That’s what I thought when I started. Actually, I still think my work is easy. Except for two things: my colleagues and boss, and the “add-ons”.

Let me start on the “add-ons”. Add-ons are the extra work the people around dumps on me. It could be my supervisor, my manager, my general manager, or just a fellow common employee. See, I simply HATE add-ons. That’s why we have designations in jobs right? Because the work must be divided properly and equally as much as possible. So why in seven hells would you dump your work on me and expect me not only to prioritize that, but to finish that perfectly?! That’s your freaking job! If you’ll have me doing YOUR work then maybe I should get your salary since I’m the one who’s doing your part!
You ask: why the hell do you do it then? My answer: Because they’re the boss, or the boss’s favorite. If you’re like me who needs money, like, really needs money, then you can’t just throw a tantrum even when I’m so damn stressed I can barely function properly.

As for the colleagues and boss part, well you already had a some sort of sneak preview of what they do. Add in some facts like: absence is considered a crime; they don’t have qualms bullying and insulting you; working you to the bone; and they’re a bunch of selfish, egotistical figures of authority and you have a package of torture in your workplace.

I’m not saying I’m the best employee. That’s why right off the bat, I already told you I’m one lazy ass. But being lazy doesn’t mean I don’t do my job well. Even if I go home early (meaning I go home 30 minutes after the designated end of shift – which is another crime for them), I make sure that I have no pending urgent matters. All urgent deals are set and ready, not-so-urgent matters are prepared in case they are needed. So I wonder…why the heck am I being so nice when all and yonder knows that I am NEVER nice?

So I decided to quit and find a new job. Thank God for friends with connections that helps you out when you need them. I’ll be back in the BPO industry. God willing it won’t be as much as a disaster as the last one.

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I just really want to vent. I am so craving blueberry cheesecake! I want it so bad I could almost taste it! I’ve actually been craving it for several weeks now and for reasons I have no idea of, I can’t seem to satisfy this craving simply because I can’t find a damn store that sells them! I’m starting to think that the whole universe is out to get me. (-.-)

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wellspringcore @ wordpress

I love writing. That’s a fact. Even when I was younger I already have the nasty habit of running ideas in my head and putting them down in paper. Over the years, I’m happy to say that I still have that passion. Though now, it’s become much easier to see them in print, or in this case, online.
However, I must admit that I have lagged a great deal on doing my writings. Mostly because of how busy I got while studying and working over the past years.
So! blogs. Honestly, I used to have a lot of blog accounts but I never could take care of them properly. Why? See, even though I love writing so much, I am guilty of having no courage to show them to the people around me. And so when I write, I tend to over-think and “over-filter ” what I want to say. The result? I get annoyed with myself and then I lose interest with it.
And so when I decided to make this account, I made a deal with myself. I’ll write under a generic name so that I can finally write whatever the hell I want, anytime I want. In return, I will do my best to update this everyday if not once a week (if I’m really swamped in work).

I guess that’s it for a mini introduction of wellspringcore (li’l ol’ me!) @ wordpress! Later!Image

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