A/N: This was specifically noted for a friend who has been losing hope of ever finding the “love of her lifetime”.
Hope this helps. 🙂

Falling in love is not easy.

You take the risk of getting hurt.
No one wants to get hurt.
I either applaud in amazement or shake my head in bemusement to the people who keeps on trying their hand in love.
I, myself, have been in love before. Thrice in fact.
Though you don’t get use to the pain when it comes crashing down, you still can’t help but wish that somehow, someway, someone’s gotta be out there made just for you.

I believe in true love.
But I find it hard to believe that everyone will find their true love in this life.
God has His plan but I’m not sure everyone already has their love story written in the book of life.

Despite this, there’s no harm in believing.
As long as you don’t let it control your life.
Just keep on living life to the fullest.
As they say, we only have one life and it’s too short at that.
So why waste time pining when you can simply accept wholeheartedly and live?

Love is everywhere.
You may not find it in your life in terms of a partner but you definitely have it in your family and friends.
As my mom would always remind me, God never made someone to live alone in this world.
You will always have someone there for you.
And if all else fails….

God wouldn’t. 😉

☆ wellspringcore ☆


About wellspringcore

I'm definitely moody. I write what strikes me. I may filter what I say but no guarantee on that.
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