Scene from a WIP…


Been a long time since I last posted something. My bad.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of writing again. Hopefully, it will be something good enough. I might be too rusty to be able to conjure up something worthwhile. (grin)

Well, the one I’m posting below is a scene from the one that I’m currently writing.

Just some warnings:
– this is a slash story (meaning m/m pairing)
– it’ll be quite explicit should I post the entire story here
– constructive reviews are welcome but flames are considered as trash

Well, on with it!

“You are still awake.”

Yuhi jumped in surprise at the statement. He turned to look where the words came from and saw the object of his thoughts. “Shin…”

Shin said nothing and moved from where he was leaning on the doorframe. Casually, he pulled the door close behind him and started to walk towards the young prince.

Yuhi started to feel a tendril of anxiety as the sound of the door closing reached his ears. The way Shin is making his way towards him even looks predatory. “I could not sleep,” he offered to the earlier statement.

Shin said nothing. He walked towards him until there was half a feet distance between them. “Were you thinking of what I told you earlier?” he asked quietly.

Yuhi tensed but after a moment, nodded. He then let out a gasp when suddenly he was pulled to the duke’s arms. “Shin!”

Shin leaned down until his face was buried in his neck. He inhaled the familiar scent of cinnamon, cool waters and something that’s purely Yuhi.

“Are you scared of me?” Yuhi heard him whisper. The soft puffs of air made him shiver.

“N-No. Why would I be?”

Shin pulled back until he could look at the face he had in mind for years. He kept his arms around him as he confirmed the sincerity behind the words. Guileless sapphire eyes stared back at him with pure innocence shining from their depths. “Then…will you accept my offer?”

Yuhi stared back at the pair of silver eyes that seemed to reflect the rays of the moon on a dark night sky. “Can…I ask why?”

Shin frowned, “Why, what?”

“Why me? I am plain. I am clumsy. I am weak. I am so shy I would rather spend time with my books than with people. I am a prince, yes, but it is my brother who will inherit the throne. I do not-”

A finger placed on his lips stopped his words. Warm silver eyes never strayed from his even as he slowly worked himself up with his inadequacies. “You are so blind, my tenshi. It is both endearing and damn troublesome.”

He frowned up at the duke upon hearing that. “I am not endearing. I am a guy, damn it.”

Shin chuckled at the pout on the other’s lips. “You think you have nothing to be proud of when it is so far from the truth. You are not clumsy, you are just not used to doing new things. You are shy, yes, but I know that you spending more time with your books is a matter of you preferring to know more of different things rather than being a snob and ignoring the people. Yes, you will not inherit the throne but you are the strength and light of this kingdom. And you are not plain. You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen.”

“Please…I am not beautiful. No lady or lord would even sought my affections.”

Shin growled upon hearing such from his intended but he reined in the anger it brought. “Is that why you wonder why you were chosen? Yuhi, your dear brother made it clear by making an official decree that no woman would be allowed to curry your attention unless you initiated it yourself. Ryuu knows well how opportunistic the nobles and their daughters are. He wants to ensure that no one will be able to trap you into something that you don’t want. As for your submissive nature…” Another growl left him, “That gave Ryuu a lot of trouble. While women are trouble, dominants are dangerous. Hence why as much as possible, your contact with them are limited to your brother, me and the council.”

He buried his face again on his neck and murmured, “You don’t know how many times the king had to fire and exile those nobles that keep on trying to take advantage of you. He even had to stop me from killing some of them.”

Yuhi’s eyes widened at the confession. “So even then…?”

“Yes,” he growled and his arms tightened. “I have wanted you for years, Yuhi. I agreed with Ryuu when he asked me to wait until you reached this age to tell you about us as I want you to enjoy your youth. But you are MINE. I can not, and will not wait any longer to claim you.”

Yuhi closed his eyes and slowly, his arms reached up to wrap them around the young lord’s body. “I have always thought that Nii-sama will betroth me to someone who can protect me and have some affection with at least. But he gave me far more when he betrothed me to you.”

Shin pulled back only until his face was inches apart from the young prince’s. He stared, waiting for the confirmation he sought.

A brilliant smile that could rival the sun appeared on the beautiful visage, “Yes, of course. How can I say no to you, my lord?”

A small smile creeped up on his lips in return. Before he can stop himself, he gently took the petal soft lips below him. When a gasp of surprise was emitted, he took the opening and slipped his tongue on the warm orifice he had craved for long. A deep growl escape him as the taste of his betrothed filled his tongue.

Yuhi’s head is spinning. The touch of Shin’s lips sparked something inside his body and when the wet, hot appendage snaked inside his mouth, he started feeling faint and a heat was crawling in his veins.

Well? How was it? Ah, to those who know me personally I’d appreciate the review directly on my personal email. You guys know who you are. (wink wink)


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