Ramen! I love ramen. Period.

I may not be Japanese but both Japanese and Chinese cuisine have special places in my palate, though I mostly favor the Japanese cuisine. My aunt lives in Japan and I have a cousin (her daughter) who’s half-Japanese. Her stepfather loves to cook for us and brings a lot of Japanese food whenever they come home here in the country. When we were younger, out of several nieces and nephews they have, only me fell in love with the food. My cousins (including the half-Jap) prefers the chocolates they bring. Sure, I love chocolates but I still loved the food. Ramen, soba, sushi, rice balls…I ate them all. My uncle even laughed and jokingly asked me “Are you our daughter?”.

Until now, I still have a voracious appetite when eating Japanese food. Back in college, I ate a whole tray of California Maki all by myself. When we had a seminar in a five-star hotel that offers different cuisines, I was stuck in the Japan station and gulping down ramen and sashimi. I have a regular package of soba from my aunt. Basically, I am a glutton for them.

Last week, I dragged my mother off to a ramen house I’ve been eyeing in the mall. GREAT DECISION. The ramen house is a first-class one. Their ingredients are authentic and you can definitely taste it in their food. I really loved the experience. Only downside is that the prices are a bit higher than the common ramen-ya. Still, if you really want the best, you’d understand their price range. 🙂


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