Calls and cheescake

So after venting out regarding my soon-to-be past employment, I am very happy to say that the new company I’ll be working with has finally contacted me to inform me that I am already scheduled for a contract signing!
I was so happy that my foul mood vanished for the rest of the day yesterday! God must really love me (even though I, myself know how bad I really am)! It’s really an answered prayer for me.
Anyway, one more thing I was so happy about was that my dear beloved mother had answered my call for appeasement of my craving blueberry cheesecake! She was on the mall yesterday with my aunts and she bought me a slice (which wasn’t enough because of my gluttony)!
She told me she didn’t wanna buy it at first but she took pity on me and my continuous posts of my craving in facebook.
I’m one heck of a lucky and blessed piece of sh*t! đŸ™‚



About wellspringcore

I'm definitely moody. I write what strikes me. I may filter what I say but no guarantee on that.
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