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YuYu Hakusho

Someone asked me before “What’s your favorite anime?” I don’t particularly have a favorite but I do have some that I treasure among the others. One of my personal top favorites would be YuYu Hakusho or commonly known as Ghost … Continue reading

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Ramen! I love ramen. Period. I may not be Japanese but both Japanese and Chinese cuisine have special places in my palate, though I mostly favor the Japanese cuisine. My aunt lives in Japan and I have a cousin (her … Continue reading

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Okay, first off: definition by Wikipedia: Yaoi, also known as Boys’ Love, is a Japanese popular term for female-oriented fictional media that focus on homoerotic or homoromantic maleandrophilicsexual relationships, usually created by female authors. An article in the Guide describes it as having begun as homegrown fan fiction … Continue reading

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Calls and cheescake

So after venting out regarding my soon-to-be past employment, I am very happy to say that the new company I’ll be working with has finally contacted me to inform me that I am already scheduled for a contract signing! I … Continue reading

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Working at “Marine Mammal”

First of all, I’m one hell of a lazy person. Everybody who knows me knows that. But because everyone needs money to live – unfortunately that includes me – I have to work to earn money. I know, you guys might … Continue reading

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I just really want to vent. I am so craving blueberry cheesecake! I want it so bad I could almost taste it! I’ve actually been craving it for several weeks now and for reasons I have no idea of, I … Continue reading

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wellspringcore @ wordpress

I love writing. That’s a fact. Even when I was younger I already have the nasty habit of running ideas in my head and putting them down in paper. Over the years, I’m happy to say that I still have … Continue reading

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